Musicians Institute: Steve Trovato - Essential Rhythm Guitar (Book/CD)


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Auteur:Steve Trovato


Drager:boek + CD

Geschreven in:notenschrift en tabulatuur

Uitgever:Musicians Institute


Druk:eerste druk


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Beschrijving van de uitgever: Extend your guitar playing repertoire and develop essential Rhythm Guitar skills! This Musicians Institute Private Lessons edition is based on the concept that, for most popular music styles, there are a few basic progressions and techniques that determine the character and sounds we recognise.

Steve Trovato?s comprehensive book contains seven popular music guitar styles: country, fingerstyle acoustic, blues, rock, Latin and Brazilian, swing, jazz, and funk. For each one, there are written progressions typical of that style. Included in each section are stylistically typical chord voicings, progressions, rhythms and basic strum or accompaniment patterns to bring you closer to mastering the style.

CD contains full demo tracks and demonstrations of all examples.

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